SBC Online Victim Impact Panel
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SBC Victim Impact Panel Certificate of Completion
Once you have completed the victim impact panel, you will receive a certificate of completion to submit to your judge, attorney, probation officer or the DMV. Our certificate includes all relative information such as: contact information, court case number (if for court), date of birth, etc, we also provide a specialized certificate number. Each certificate of completion must include this number which is used to verify the validity of the certificate. Any court official may contact our office to verify a certificate using this identification number. Each certificate also has our corporate seal embossed in the lower right hand corner. No one, other than our office has access to this seal nor can anyone fabricate our unique certificate number. Finally, each certificate also has anĀ authorized representative stampĀ from our director, Quin Menard. While we also provide an electronic (E-Certificate) version of our certificate upon request, we recommend using the original embossed copy which is mailed to you at no additional costs.